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Charley Greenfield

Charley Greenfield is a self-taught photographer, currently based in Melbourne.

Having loved film photography from a young age, her passion has now turned into a full time career. Charley has lived in all but one of Australia’s States and Territories; her love of travel is reflected in the locations of her shoots, ranging from lush green rainforests with secreting plunging waterfalls, to red dirt cliffs and snow blanketed roads.

Her passions are travel, photography, her little black dog and vegetarianism.

You can view more of Charley’s work at www.facebook.com/CSDGFASHION

Jennifer Estrada

Born and raised in Queens, New York, Jennifer Estrada is an American self taught photographer who loves candid real life fashion photos. On her many ventures in life, Jennifer has gone from fashion design to business and psychology and has how decided to peruse her photography as a full time career.

Now native to the city of Melbourne she plans to take over the global fashion weeks and keep bringing all the high profile photos to the people. As she believes that fashion should indeed be for one and all.

You can view more of Jennie’s work at http://www.mirarpr.tumblr.com.

Kathryn Sprigg

Kathryn Sprigg is an Australian Photographer, whose style is marked by candid photography, capturing spontaneous moments on film which are a direct reflection of how she has perceived life at that very moment, in her mind.

Born and raised on a merino sheep stud ‘Strathglen’ in Tambellup, Western Australia, Sprigg is now based in Perth – although the backdrop to take centre for the majority of her work is the city that never sleeps, New York, the artist’s favourite city in the world.

“If you stepped inside my head it would resemble something like Lucy in the sky with diamonds. I am a modern day Alice in Wonderland and my photography is how I can show you life, through my eyes.”

See more of Kathryn’s work at kathrynsprigg.com