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Aneeka Simonis | Contributor 

Aneeka’s penchant for writing began at a young age. Writing her own books or even re-writing some of the classics (Aladdin, duh), she knew that she was a platform from which creativity would flow. Following this childhood dream, Aneeka is now studying journalism and an active radio broadcaster. Aneeka’s favourite delights are sampling macaroons, tea parties and wine time. In this new hipster age, Aneeka is sheepish to confess that she is a foodie and not one meal will be touched before it is photographed and Instagramed. Follow her blog: http://aneekasimonis.wordpress.com or Twitter: https://twitter.com/aneekasimonis

Katherine Collette | Contributor

I am a part time health freak and occasional yoga fanatic. My most prized possessions are a pair of furry koala salt and pepper shakers and a piece of butchers paper with Peter Andre’s autograph on it (c. 1992). I would be nothing without these items. I like judging people on the basis of their bookshelves and reading trash on my kindle. I eat an inordinate amount of pumpkin. I collect participation ribbons from school athletics carnivals (inadvertently). My daughter is a chronic over-achiever. My husband is the love child of Socrates and Fabio. For Real. I put the ‘x’ in excellent, largely because I am a stickler for spelling things correctly. Also, I write. I blog (here: http://katherinecollette.com). I do a bunch of history ‘stuff’ (here: http://www.astoldto.com.au).

Kendall Munns | Contributor

After a giant London comedown Kendall decided Melbourne might be the next best thing and it hasn’t disappointed. One little bit. In fact, she might just be a true Melburnian at heart. But she promises not to claim this title just yet and knows she’ll need to earn these stripes. Hailing from Queensland though, she promises to stay true to her northern roots.

When she’s not discovering Australia’s most liveable city one tram line, laneway, restaurant and cafe at a time, she can be found at a music festival somewhere in the country or a gig anywhere in Melbourne. She loves British comedy, snow domes and being outdoors; whether it’s the mountains, beach or in between. With a Journalism degree up her sleeve and working in PR/Communications during the day, Kendall is delighted to start sharing her thoughts and passions, and the unique happenings of this wonderful city.

Lisa Johnston | Contributor

Lisa has an infectious enthusiasm for all things vinous. She is a wine educator, writer and wine business consultant who has a fascination for the ever changing nature of wine and the wine experience – in the vineyard, in the bottle and in the glass. An avid wine traveller, her plan is to visit every wine region in the world and at the top of her bucket list is a 5th trip to Champagne and getting over to the Margaret River. When not writing her blog Wine Muse, Lisa also contributes to other wine related website such as Wine Diva and Sip Your Style.

Her favourite wine: Champagne, Champagne, Champagne! Although closely followed by Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sherry, Pinot Noir, Marsanne, Grenache, Chardonnay, Shiraz…

Meaghan Weiley

Meaghan Weiley | Contributor 

Hailing from a town most famous for its Big Banana, Meaghan ventured to Victoria’s capital of Melbourne to experience the sights and sounds of the world’s most liveable city. Studying journalism at La Trobe University, she aspires to one day become the editor of Rolling Stone, NME, or as she puts it, “any gnarly music publication really”. She has a constantly growing love for green tea, Quentin Tarantino films and Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy, and if she could have dinner with three persons living or dead, it’d be David Bowie, Morrissey and Marlon Brando. Since moving interstate, Meaghan has worked on television and online, and having already interviewed acts like Franz Ferdinand and Mudhoney so early in her career, she hopes that her love and curiosity for what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ in bands will result in an illustrious life filled with vinyl records, baggy pants and alternative music.

Shannon Crane | Contributor

Shannon Crane is a freelance journalist who is rediscovering Australian life after two years in London. Given she spent much of those two years with her backpack firmly attached, coming home has been somewhat of an adjustment. Fortunately Melbourne’s rooftop bars, hidden restaurants, boutique shops and vibrant live music scene are filling the London void quite nicely. Just don’t expect her to choose an AFL team. You can follow all her adventures on her blog, Sultanas and Vegemite, at www.shannoncrane.wordpress.com.

Victoria Nicolitsi | Contributor

Victoria is a Writing and Creative Communications grad currently in mental health (administration — though her boyfriend sometimes wonders) and moonlights in freelance writing. She loves reading; hard cover. And shopping; no limits — no, really. She’s a feminist when the mood calls for it, feels most comfortable when taking risks in the way she presents herself — hair not included — and loves listening to indie, rock, and offensive rap. With hopes and dreams to be an Editor and have her very own book sitting on its shelf (prime position — see: ‘its shelf’) she’ll love every minute it takes to get there. Because she will — there’s a post-it on her mirror that says so. Oh yeah, and Adelaide rocks — more so than anywhere else in the world — trust her, she’s been around.

Zoë Winograd | Vegemite on Toast with the Queen

Zoë has worked in the field of education for many years. She writes to be a part of a world that prioritises learning, a discussion of ideas and creative story telling. Growing up in Melbourne, Zoë and her family always made sure that their home was full of humour, love, food and loud conversations. This is how Zoë continues to live as she spends time in three cities of the world – Melbourne, London and Tel Aviv.