The weather is transitioning from hot to still hot, but less hot than summer hot.

So this can only mean one thing.

The necessity of pale ales and pilsners are behind us, and we can begin to service our darker sides with some darker beers.

Yes, it’s the time for some amber ales and brown ales.

One such brown ale is the Growler from 2 Brothers Brewery in Moorabbin, Victoria. The Growler is part of the regular range at 2 Brothers and is growing in popularity. It’s under appreciated if anything, as it’s a cracking beer.

Founded by Andrew and Dave Ong, 2 Brothers have been carving their niche in the market down in the industrial area of Moorabbin and the quality of beers from this brewery has been outstanding.

The Growler is no exception.

It pours a dark brown and has a flash of red about it whenever there’s some light behind it. The aroma is built mainly around sweet malt with a little cocoa and jam.

Andrew’s brewing virtuosity comes in his malt bills. The Growler boasts a really interesting malt flavour. It’s chewy and biscuity, a little bit of cocoa and molasses. It’s lightly hopped, so it’s not incredibly bitter, which makes it a very moreish and drinkable beer.

Perfectly accompanying a chocolatey dessert on a rainy or preferably stormy night, this is one to keep in the house for such an occasion.

If you’re in the area it’s really worthwhile visiting the brewery on a Thursday or Friday night where the brewery bar is open to the public and they offer their lovely fresh beer from the tanks with some really good, simple pizzas to go with them. Add some great quality live music and it makes for a great evening in a brewery setting.

If you see it out and about, give it a try. It’ll be nice, trust me.