Girl Without A Platinum Card

The Gift of Time

Sarah Kempson takes some time out for herself, and realises that the one gift we never give ourselves is the same one you can’t buy on Mastercard - the gift of time.

One Year On

Sarah Kempson reflects on life, one year after starting her Girl Without A Platinum Card column. But what's next? And how can you help? Read more

Royal Melbourne Show

Sarah Kempson remembers begging her parents to take her and her siblings to the Royal Melbourne Show. So, is there a way around modern day begging? And are there any alternatives? Read more

Girl Without A Platinum Card. Or Silver or Bronze.

Sarah Kempson is quitting her job tomorrow - her steady, stable, well paid, flexible, source of main income job - and she doesn't have another one to go to. And it was her choice to do so. Read more

And Baby Makes Three

Sarah Kempson talks being a first time Aunt, and how exciting and life changing it is - and how, sometimes, the best gifts for new parents are ones you can't buy over the counter at a baby store. Read more

Girl Without A Platinum Card: It’s Cold Outside

Onya's Girl Without A Platinum Card Sarah Kempson finds a way to keep warm during the bitter winter...and immerse herself in culture and literature at the same time. Read more

The Simple Things

Sarah Kempson looks back on her childhood and realises the best memories were the ones involving the simplest things. She provides a few tips for re-creating simple but lovely moments that will undoubtedly become lasting memories. Read more

Arts for Families

Sarah Kempson suggests when the time comes for budget-friendly family outings, you look no further than the marvellous, and often free, exhibitions at major national galleries. Read more

Happy Easter

Onya's resident Girl Without A Platinum Card columnist Sarah Kempson talks about the joys of chocolate...but why there's much more to Easter than that. Read more

Budget Friendly Fashion

Sarah Kempson, in this special L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival edition of Girl Without A Platinum Card, uncovers whole outfits and trends at the cost of a sleeve from a designers outfit. Where? You'll never believe it. Read more

Movies vs. Theatre

Sarah Kempson wonders how fantastic it could be if we channelled our love for movies into other meaningful avenues, such as theatre, where messages of community, togetherness and forgiveness are paramount. Read more

Happy Birthday

Sarah Kempson remembers birthdays passed, and wonders if we've forgotten what they are really all about. Read more