Moderate Drinkers Of Australia, Unite!

Moderate Drinkers Of Australia, Unite!

A staggering 75% of Australians think that we are collectively drinking too much. Australian society hardly seems sober enough to initiate a serious conversation on this matter, writes Timothy Cootes, and one thing is clear: Australians don't know how to drink.
The Great White Sharks' Best Friend

The Great White Sharks’ Best Friend

Fifty years ago, Rodney Fox survived one of the world’s worst non-fatal shark attacks and not only lived to tell the tale but continued to become one of the sharks’ best advocates - he lead the world’s first tourism shark cage dive and contributed to hundreds of shark films, including cult-film 'JAWS'.
Parliament Votes for 'Act of Recognition'

Parliament Votes for ‘Act of Recognition’

This afternoon, parliament voted in favour of an Act of Recognition, which commits Australia to amending our Constitution to include and acknowledge Indigenous Australians.
The End’s Not Near – It’s Here... Or Is It?

The End’s Not Near – It’s Here… Or Is It?

December 21 is a day in which we will supposedly see great galactic alignment - meaning it will be a day of new beginnings - according to Mayan culture. Fresh starts. Starting over. Not death, destruction and doom. Stop the panic, says Adem Saban.
The Evil That Men Don't

The Evil That Men Don’t

In the wake of the Newton shooting, Lee Zachariah argues that the use of the word ‘evil’ is, in itself, complicit. ‘Evil’ is not a real thing. And the moment we call human beings evil, we give ourselves an excuse not to understand them.
The Power of Story Telling

The Power of Story Telling

The Dreamtime is the Aboriginal understanding of the world, of its creation, and its great stories. Aborginal people keep alive their traditions and beliefs though story telling. ‘Bunjil’ is a creature of Aboriginal mythology, who is regarded as the spirit creator of the Kulin nation.
The Most Incredible Man I've Ever Met...

The Most Incredible Man I’ve Ever Met…

Sandi Sieger talks about one of the most incredible men she's ever met, Holocaust survivor Siegmund Siegreich, and why his wisdom, patience and love might be the very attitude needed in modern Australia.
Australia: The World's Misunderstood Teenager

Australia: The World’s Misunderstood Teenager

To Europeans, Australia is very, very far away and very well known for kangaroos, Paul Hogan and sharks. When Olivia Hambrett was posed the question, 'Are Australians patriotic?' she realised that perhaps no one really gets Australia - including Australians.
So, It Seems The World Is Ending...

So, It Seems The World Is Ending…

So, it seems that the world is ending. And Lee Zachariah really doesn't want to sound narcissistic, but all of humanity coming to an end is the sort of thing that could only happen to him.

Meet Me At The Steps

Keren Leizerovitz visits Melbourne's Flinders Street Steps and meets a few of the thousands of people that use it as a meeting place each day. Read more

How Australia Betrayed Then “Saved” East Timor

In this unsettling article, Beth Wilson examines Australia's relationship with East Timor since the 1970s, including cover-ups, Indonesian oppression and the role of the media in foreign conflicts. What she uncovers is a dark history. Read more

Performance Review For A Sunburned Country

Jonathan Howcroft gives Oz a report card, addressing all manner of issues: migration, colonisation, the PM, Indigenous Australians, Australia Hollywood style and what it means to be an Australian in the twenty-first century. Read more