If beauty is the sum of our parts, then surely it’s the little things like cuticles and well-groomed eyebrows that combine to make a real difference. When it comes to bridal beauty, there is no such thing as too much attention to detail – especially if we are to take our lead from Grace.

The epitome of elegance and timeless style, Grace Kelly would’ve been all over her cuticles like the lace on her bridal gown. Sure, you can take care of your own nails, but you’ll never get the finish of a professional. I recommend that a bride commence monthly manicures and pedicures at least 3 months before her wedding (and all the better if you can get them fortnightly).

There are going to be many moments when the camera is not only on your face, but also on your nails – when your husband-to-be places the ring on your finger and when you sign the marriage certificate, and let’s not forget the whole congregation staring at you from you behind, so you better be sure your heels are in fabulous condition.

If you are in Melbourne, you can visit Kocho Spa for your bridal manicures and pedicures – and if you’re feeling the strain of pre-bridal nerves, you can also get a massage to restore serenity to thyself.

I was lucky enough to visit Kocho Spa, and my visit was one of pure relaxation and pleasure – everything a bride is looking for when planning her wedding.

My therapist understood the subtle balance of conversation, ensuring I could read my magazines without interruption – a rare combination that many beauticians are yet to learn.

In between the visits to your manicurist and pedicurist, you will need to moisturise your hands and feet in order to keep them super soft and beautifully conditioned.

Luscious Liquids make the most divine range of products – I only wish we had “smellavision” so that you could experience them right this very instant, because, believe me, one smell is it all takes.

The Citrus Hand Therapy Crème hand cream contains shea and mango butter; palm, coconut, sunflower & olive oils; certified organic bees wax, purified water, certified organic mandarin, cedarwood atlas, lime, rosewood & lavender essential oils.

The lemongrass & lime foot fetish balm contains rich botanical oils to nourish and protect your feet, along with certified organic palm, coconut, sunflower & olive oils; certified organic bees wax; certified organic shea butter; vitamin e; certified organic lemongrass, lime, peppermint, tea tree & ravensara essential oils.

Visit http://www.scent.net.au to purchase Luscious Liquids products.

If you would like to paint your nails in between visits or do your own nails for the big day, then be sure to choose pale, elegant and neutral shades.

Bloom have a beautiful range of colours – from Nicole to Heidi to Natalie, you are sure to find the perfect ivory, pink or beige.

If you would like to have a little help for your nails, then I suggest you consider gel nails instead of acrylics. I had a set of acrylic nails applied nearly a year ago, and my nails are still in post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Gel nails without tips will not damage your nail, as there is no buffing and filing of your natural nail required. Ladies, your nails do not have to be long in order for them to be beautiful. In fact, Grace herself had short and chic nails on her wedding day.

Join me in Part 5, where we will explore beautiful bridal fragrance, fit for a King and Queen.

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