I’m not much of an eyeliner girl; I find it tricky to use, I end up smudging it all over the place (or stabbing myself in the eye) and the end result is not chic or defined.

So, when some haf mineral makeup vitamin-enriched black onyx eyeliner arrived on my desk, I kind of laughed.

That night, I went home and, after dinner, made my way to the bathroom mirror out of curiosity. I uncapped the eyeliner and slid it across my eyelid. I looked up.

Hang on.

My application skills certainly hadn’t improved. What was going on here?

I did the other eyelid, certain my neat and lovely looking left eye was a stroke of luck.

The same thing happened again – perfection in a pencil.

Could it be?

Could it be that all this time I have been using terrible eyeliners? Yes, I think so. Because I’ve used haf mineral makeup’s eyeliner again and again and I get the exact same result.

It’s a joy to use – easy to apply, has great staying power and feels good (plus, it doesn’t clump up and leave black gunk balls in your eyes at the end of the day).

Since my eyeliner application epiphany, I’ve tried out haf mineral makeup’s lip liner (equally impressive), mineral powder (blends seamlessly into the skin), lipsticks (so gorgeously vibrant, they’re almost lip stains) lip balm (nourishing), blushes (soft and glowy) and mineral eyeshadows (incredible colours and so easy to apply).

Haf mineral makeup pride themselves on pure makeup, minus fillers, chemicals, parabens, preservatives and nano particles. This is 100% pure mineral makeup. None of this ‘let’s slap mineral on the label cuz it looks good and deceive the public business’. Haf are the real deal.

They cover all aspects of mineral make up for all skin types and complexions and have been ranked in the Top 8 safest cosmetics in the world.

And besides all that, their products work. They feel luxurious on the skin, wash off easily and don’t irritate even the most sensitive of skins.

Kind of too good to be true.

Except it’s not.

To find out more about had mineral makeup, view their product range and more, click here