As a Beauty Editor, I must confess, I feel a sense of pressure to always look immaculate, yet often stretch out my visits to the hairdresser a lot longer than I should. I am sure if there was a code of ethics in the beauty world (like in the medical profession), I would be struck off the register if I was spotted in public with my current state of hair neglect.

Not that the paparazzi are trailing my every move – although if I was famous enough to be chased by the paps, I’d happily have them photograph a stray grey hair instead of pasting my cellulite on the front cover of Woman’s Day (so, you could say I let the odd grey pop through as a decoy – well, that’s my story…)

So, it was with great joy that I recently visited Salon Seta in Yarraville, Melbourne for a long overdue cut and colour. Upon walking into the salon, I was swept off my Christian Louboutins by the black ornate damask mirrors and French style furnishings.

I was greeted by the beautiful Seta who immediately made me feel welcome and at ease. Not only did Seta’s beautiful personality shine through, but so did her hairdressing expertise, attentiveness and knowledge as she took the time to discuss my hair concerns and the direction she wanted to take it in.

It was very early on in our hairdressing slash client relationship to hand over my trust so quickly, but with a wave of my hand, I told her to do whatever she thought best.

You see, I’m not one to leave my hair in the hands of just anyone. Perhaps you think I should have moved on by now, but, yes, I still have post traumatic haircut stress from the time I walked into a salon aged twelve with hair half way down my back and left looking like one half of Mel and Kim. But, it’s not just my deep rooted trauma from starting my first day of high school with braces and a hair cut that no amount of TAFT gel could fix, it is also because it takes a special skill to cut curly hair.

My hair was expertly cut with defined layers to help give it the volume it desperately needed and my colour perfectly matched my skin tone. Seta also explained at length how to style my curly hair so as to amplify the curl whilst reducing frizziness.

In order to give my fine hair extra volume, she blow dried it with the hairdryer, instead of just running the GHD over it. The way I see it, I can run the GHD over my own hair in 15 minutes at home, so when I go to the hair dressers I want to have it blow dried properly so it lasts for days.

Seta also has the perfect chair side manner – making me delightful cups of Earl Grey tea and engaging me in enjoyable conversation whilst giving me to time to read magazines.

I bounced out of the salon with the kind of fabulous hair and post haircut high that leaves you feeling as though you have super powers and can take on the world.

I definitely recommend you visit the lovely Seta in her stunning Salon in Yarraville – because even though the Paparazzi may not stalk you, your hair still deserves the celebrity treatment.

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