By Gaynor Alder


As delicate spring breezes linger with the scent of sweet jasmine, signaling to my heart that the long cold days of winter are over, I can’t help but be overcome with happiness. If winter is a seductive vamp with its dark red nails and fish net stockings, then spring is an undeniable flirt, whispering promises of continued sunshine and summer sultriness.

As I dare to step out in a dress, there is a spring in my step and warmth in my heart, reminding me of the first weeks of new love. I am wooed by the beauty of emerging blooms, and they elicit a feeling of fresh beginnings.


If there is a beauty range that embodies the playfulness of spring, it is Glamourflage, “Think Moulin Rouge meets Mills and Boon”. The gorgeous packaging and alluring characters that grace the cover of each product are as enticing as a page turning romance novel. How could anyone resist Scarlett Divine, the cover girl of the bath soak?

“Some girls were born organically good – Scarlett wasn’t. Her abiding philosophy (if you can call it that) is to never say how old she is and always turn up in a helicopter. She is proud of her femininity – one thing she does exceptionally well, is pour her curves into a tight dress. It works every time. She adores her love of conquest – throwing her heart out in front of her and running ahead to catch it. No, it isn’t tying herself down to one person that she dreads, it’s separating herself from all the others.”

As I immerse into the silkiness of the bath, the heavenly smells of frangipani waft through the air and all my cares begin to soak away. I light the Poppy Passion candle and the smell of freesia ignites harmony in my soul and I sink deeper into relaxation. Just before I get out, I exfoliate myself with Sexy Sadie Body Scrub. I am polished to perfection by walnuts, and the coconut oil and vitamin E moisturise my skin. I emerge from the bath, floating on a cloud of divine fragrances with velvety soft skin.

Not only are these products simply divine, but their cover girls impart a playful sense of fun, as though their sassiness will rub off on me every time I use them. Perhaps this has something to do with the founder of Glamourflage, who left a male dominated work environment to create serious skincare that was serious fun. You will also be pleased to know that these luxurious products are not tested on animals.


So if you want to be as sexy as Sadie or as passionate as Poppy, then visit for stockists, and to also be seduced by the likes of Raunchy Rosie, Vera Vamp & Luscious Lucy.

Vital Stats

Scarlett Divine Bath Soak – $15.95

Poppy Passion Boudoir candle – $25.95

Sexy Sadie Body Scrub – $27.95