MANKiND is a stylish clinic purpose built for men – a complete, one-stop skincare shop, founded by Paul Anderson. KiND is the inspiration from the MANKiND owner and Australian surfer, Paul. With his passion for the outdoors and life under the harsh Southern sun, Paul found there was a need in the market for an effective, botanical skincare range, specifically targeted at men.

And so an honest, high quality skincare system that uses Australian native bush essences and highly active ingredients to address the unique characteristics of male skin conditions – without the harsh chemicals – was born. Sandi Sieger chats to Paul about the journey so far.

What inspired you to create MANKiND and KiND?

MANKiND was created because I was always having facials and I never felt they were geared specifically towards men – choosing smells, light fluffy massage and thick heavy moisturisers were not for me. So I was inspired to create MANKiND and a male orientated salon for the men of Sydney.

The first product I wanted to create was a shave cream without artificial fragrance. I found it really hard to find one in Australia when I first started MANKiND. KiND, for me, was an obvious extension of MANKiND. To complete the brand a skincare line was essential.

Can you tell us a little about each line?

MANKiND is a skin clinic for men and our tag line is – ‘Treatments designed with the man in mind’. Everything we do is created to place men’s specific skin needs first. Our face treatments are designed for maximum results with relaxation entwined.

KiND is a natural skin care line that we created consulting the men who came in to MANKiND. We would have testers of smells and different lotions and potions for guys to try and then comment on. Out of that research and two years of hard work KiND was created.

We love that your products are made in Australia. Why is this important to you?

There are many reasons why I love that my product is made here and not overseas somewhere, where it is cheaper to create.

The main reason is it’s made with a lot of great Australian essential oils that provide the distinct aromas of the KiND products.

I also get to have greater quality control here, to make sure the product is always at the same high standard.

I also just love working with Australians who understand my business and creative requirements.

Being a male in a somewhat female dominated area, do you approach your work differently?

I obviously have to approach my customers differently but I don’t see why I would approach my work any differently from any salon owner (be they male or female). Every good salon owner is looking to make their customers love their service with high quality therapists, great procedures and products.

I think one thing that has influenced how I do my work is that I was never part of the industry before I started MANKiND so I didn’t have any pre conceived ideas of how it should be. I had to thoroughly think through what I was doing and this enabled me to think of a different ways to offer my services.

What does the future of MANKiND and KiND look like?

Steady and promising.

MANKiND Melbourne – I would love that.

More products in the range and better access to the products.

More exporting of the range. We have taken on a contract for KiND in Japan with a great group called Kokobuy and we are working hand in hand in trying to create a retail space for a quality product in Japan. It’s exciting.

What advice do you have for other Australian entrepreneurs who wish to succeed in the beauty industry?

Be prepared for a lot of hard work and long hours and smiling.

Have a solid business plan.

Always treat every customer with the upmost respect and dignity: word of mouth is your greatest asset.

It’s a cliché but surround yourself with a great team.