Last year, I introduced to you all LULA Lifestyle + Wellness, a new concept in retail storefronts. Not only is it a retail store, filled with fashion, unique jewellery, scented candles and wellbeing products (all handmade in the upstairs level of the store by owner Rosie Condo) but it’s also a wellness centre, with treatment rooms at the rear of the store, unbeknownst to the casual passer by.

I was very excited to try LULA’s hot stone massage treatment, as I knew that a store so committed to achieving complete lifestyle wellbeing for their customers would certainly do a good job in bringing some added wellness to my life.

After having a browse at some of the beautiful offerings in the front, retail half of the store, I was led past the desk to the corridor that houses the treatment rooms. My therapist had an immediately soothing effect, and I relaxed knowing I was in good hands.

The hot stone massage – which if you haven’t had one should be on everyone’s to-do list – was absolutely divine. Silky smooth, just warm enough rocks slide over your body, expertly manoeuvred by the therapist’s hands to create a truly unique sensation. The rocks add just the right amount of pressure to the massage and I have to admit, I dozed off for part of it, such was the intensely relaxing feeling.

My therapist explained to me that as a part of the treatment, she would perform some Reiki on me during my massage. (Reiki is a Japanese developed practice of healing through the transfer of energy through the palms). Having heard of Reiki before, I was very curious; would I notice anything? Feel it?

I must have dozed off a few times, as I was barely able to render a response when my lovely therapist bent down to let me know the treatment was over, and I should take my time getting up. She also mentioned that, having read my energy, she could tell I was an intelligent girl, but that could be my problem at times – over-thinking. I needed to be easier on myself, and trust that things will work out. Phwoar, pretty spot on personal insight from someone I’d just met. I was impressed, but also found her words very reassuring.

If Hampton isn’t too far of a stretch for you, I would definitely recommend stopping by and taking a look at the treatments on offer – they’re more than your regular massage.