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The Paris Trap

The Paris Trap

Lara McPherson longs to stroll along the Champs-Élysées and indulge in a life based in Paris, but realises that happiness isn't location dependent. As the French have shown her, it can be as simple as surrounding yourself with people you love and making time for the things you treasure.
Melbourne Tweed Ride

Melbourne Tweed Ride

The Melbourne Tweed Ride, now in its third year, is just one of many events part of the global Tweed Ride (or Tweed Run) phenomenon. What began as a kitsch, oddball event in London in 2009 now has counterparts in many cities around the world. Lara McPherson reports.
The Internet -  For More Than Just Porn

The Internet – For More Than Just Porn

The internet is a powerful tool for creating and sustaining meaningful relationships and communities. We’re not all self obsessed, unproductive users, spending our whole lives on Facebook. Online networks I know are chock-a-block full of innovative people and businesses using the digital world for social good instead of evil.

The Big Green Elephant on the Runway

Though many of the global fashion industry’s biggest names are addressing the issue of sustainability, the Australian industry is struggling to keep up with the shift in focus. Lara McPherson reports.


Alex Trimmer, and his label Sosume, is now in its fourth season and is fast becoming a darling of the Melbourne fashion crowd. Lara McPherson chats with the relaxed man behind the sustainable transeasonal label.

My Own Secret Admirer

Lara McPherson had her Christmas Prayers answered when she stumbled upon My Own Secret Admirer - a genius gift site that does all the leg work for you - and one that ensures the Christmas cheer lasts well into the New Year. We Love It.

The Red Button Project

We have a bit of an environmental and social problem. Australia is experiencing a glut of "green" shopping bags. So what's the solution? Allow Lara McPherson to introduce you to Melbourne Industrial Designer TJ Lefebvre. Read More.

Collaborative Consumption

A new model for consumption is emerging, and it is not what you might expect - peer-to-peer sharing is evolving as a way for a generation accustomed to hyper-consumption to still get what they want. Lara McPherson explains. Read more