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The Cullen Hotel

The Cullen Hotel

Jordi Roth rests her weary head at The Cullen - a five star boutique hotel in Melbourne. The Art Series Hotel Group have combined hospitality and art and merged them into one brilliant conception - creating hotel galleries that honour the work of famed Australian artists.
Melbourne - My Kind Of City

Melbourne – My Kind Of City

There's a whole lot more to Melbourne than laneways and rooftop bars, says Jordi Roth, it's a city of constant change - and one of the most creative and innovative cities in the world.
Newmarket Hotel

Newmarket Hotel

Jordi Roth visits the Newmarket Hotel - one of the great things about the progression of Melbourne’s multi-cultural food landscape, with a fusion of all different elements that brings a little bit of fun, a little bit of atmosphere and a lot of good food.

The Biggest Loser: Using Fat People As A Punch Line

As the mounting presence of the Fat Acceptance movement gains a following outside of the online world, The Biggest Loser and similar programs will have to refrain from using fat people as a punch line. But are we there yet? No, argues Jordi Roth.
The Boxing Day Test

The Boxing Day Test

Jordi Roth, a Boxing Day Sales Veteran, provides you with the all the tips and smarts you'll need to survive the madness of the Boxing Day sales unscathed. And why being the customer from hell should be done with a little chutzpah.

Up & Comers Market

Jordi Roth chats to Stef Dadon, part-creator of The Up & Comers Fashion Market in Melbourne, that has set out to provide the opportunity for emerging designers to bring their creations straight to the public. Read more

K-Rudd, J-Gill and The Spill

Jordi Roth runs through the momentous political events of the past 24 hours that have resulted with a new PM at the helm of Australia. Read more

The Rise, Fall and Rise Again of Tiger

Jordi Roth examines the Australian public's obsession with the rise and fall of sport stars - whether they're Australian or not. Read more

The Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is well known for stunning beaches, breathtaking scenery and funny sounding town names. But in this extensive overview, Jordi Roth fills us in on some of the not-so-well knowns. Read more

‘Tis The Season To Be…Feral

Jordi Roth offers some sage advice for shoppers that tend to lose their shit in December. And the rest of us that have to put up with them. Read more

When The Rain Stops Falling

Jordi Roth reviews When The Rain Stops Falling, the new play by Andrew Bovell, set in the Alice Springs of 2039. Read more

Australia, Your Body Image Is Out Of Whack

Jordi Roth enters the body image debate, and discusses the details from Tuesday's Voluntary Industry Code of Conduct. Is it progress? Yes. Will anything change? We'll see. Read more