Most of us are wound up in the vampire craze that probably began for you with the charming but not so human, Edward in Twilight; which is why comedian, Claire Hooper has introduced a hilarious guide to dating guys… with fangs!

I’m not sure that ‘vampire’ is high on my check list of guys-to-date but at least now I have the ability to attract one and know exactly how to react to every situation, including concealing bite marks and guessing his exact age.

The best tip to understand, before sourcing your own vampire, is that vampires are not Twilight fans, like most of us.

Once you have your own gorgeous blood-sucking boyfriend Love Bites explains how you can keep that spark alive in your relationship, even when one of you isn’t really alive…

Claire Hooper users her prior experience, with men (not vampires), to provide tips on how to tackle awkward boyfriend moments, even with the ones who may not be able to step into sunlight.

When you’re on track with your relationship you will need to answer ‘the question’; will you or won’t you become one of them? Amusingly, Claire helps readers decide their answer to this immortal question.

The best thing about Love Bites is that most of the tips relate to every day boy dilemmas, not just those of the pale, drop-dead-gorgeous, blood drinking, mind-reading, not-sleeping type.

My favourite tip? As a pale female, I thoroughly enjoyed reading that vampires actually dig pasty white skin. Fake tan in the bin.

I am still unconvinced as to whether or not I believe in the existence of vampires after all these tips however, I now know that I want one of my very own.

Love Bites is a light-hearted, funny and enjoyable book allowing females to determine what’s true and what’s not of vampires – and most boys in general.

“It may be the most important book you’ll ever read about dating a vampire…” – Claire Hooper.

Love Bites: 101 Tips For Dating Guys With Fangs (HarperCollins) is out now.