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What are we about? Australia. And things happening within Australia, like Arts & Culture, Australian Affairs, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Parenting, Travel and more. We aim to be a hub of inspiration and information for our readers.

Onya Magazine is not afraid to push issues, ask questions or be honest in its content. It celebrates Australian culture – the traditional idea of Australian culture, as well as the constantly evolving one. It celebrates Australian talent, whether they are prominent, emerging or everyday Australians. It showcases some of the best Australia has to offer, in a variety of fields.

Onya Magazine’s true purpose is to present all Australians, and the rest of the world, with a firm image of what this country is really about: style, fun, class, intelligence, humour, community and some mighty fine spirit.

Founded by Sandi Sieger in June 2009, Onya Magazine was born out of a passion to showcase the heart and spirit of Australia. It was born out of boredom with what is so often on offer in the online arena. Sick of international coverage, sick of purchasing items made in China, sick of not being able to have a platform to comment on issues, of only ever reading about international celebrities, of the assumption that every Australian wears a cork hat and has a kangaroo for a pet, Sandi Sieger created the exact kind of magazine she’d always wanted to read.

Onya Magazine does not discriminate between cities and states. Between topics and areas. It provokes, inspires and engages. It’s Australia – the real version.


Sandi Sieger | Director & Editor-in-Chief 

Sandi Sieger started writing when she was six years old. She has the first journal she ever wrote in, which declared, ‘When I grow up I want to be a writer,’ and included sentiments such as, ‘If some kid ever beat me in a running race, I’d probably bash them up.’

Sandi is a writer and editor based in Melbourne, and a Forbes Travel Guide Correspondent. In 2011, Sandi founded The Melbourne Writers’ Club.

Sandi plans to remain blissfully content, rebellious and passionate for her entire life. She loves seeing ink marks around her forefinger and has a terrible habit of making lists.

Find out more about Sandi and read her work at her personal blog, In The Thick Of It.

Brittany Stewart

Brittany Stewart | Fashion Editor

Brittany is an RMIT Journalism student who has dabbled in radio, TV, print and online. Originally from London, after five years she reckons she’s finally got the whole Australian thing down pat. Apart from the inability to tan and the English accent, of course. With an unhealthy obsession with fashion that would put any shopaholic to shame, her wardrobe is groaning under the strain of all the clothes that hang there, not to mention the hundreds of magazines piled on the shelves above. She’s a hopeless romantic with an unbeatable collection of soppy novels and rom-coms, and is still dreaming that one day she can be surrounded by clothes, shoes, books and lemon slice and call it work.

Kait O’Callahan | Health & Sports Editor

Kait O’Callahan moved from New Zealand to Australia in 2009 due to her love of sport. She considers Melbourne Park her second home and can be found watching a multitude of sports at all hours, sometimes even simultaneously. A spontaneous career choice led her down the path of health and she works full time as a radiographer to pay the bills. Writing about health and sport are her specialities, but like most creative types, she has an opinion on almost anything. Her musings on the game of tennis can be found at Any Given Surface and also On The Go Tennis.

Kathryn Sprigg | Photographer 

Kathryn Sprigg is an Australian Photographer, whose style is marked by candid photography, capturing spontaneous moments on film which are a direct reflection of how she has perceived life at that very moment, in her mind.

Born and raised on a merino sheep stud ‘Strathglen’ in Tambellup, Western Australia, Sprigg is now based in Perth – although the backdrop to take centre for the majority of her work is the city that never sleeps, New York, the artist’s favourite city in the world.

“If you stepped inside my head it would resemble something like Lucy in the sky with diamonds. I am a modern day Alice in Wonderland and my photography is how I can show you life, through my eyes.”

See more of Kathryn’s work at kathrynsprigg.com