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What are we about? Australia. And things happening within Australia, like Arts & Culture, Australian Affairs, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Parenting, Travel and more. We aim to be a hub of inspiration and information for our readers.

Onya Magazine is not afraid to push issues, ask questions or be honest in its content. It celebrates Australian culture – the traditional idea of Australian culture, as well as the constantly evolving one. It celebrates Australian talent, whether they are prominent, emerging or everyday Australians. It showcases some of the best Australia has to offer, in a variety of fields.

Onya Magazine’s true purpose is to present all Australians, and the rest of the world, with a firm image of what this country is really about: style, fun, class, intelligence, humour, community and some mighty fine spirit.

Founded by Sandi Sieger in June, 2009, Onya Magazine was born out of a passion to showcase the heart and spirit of Australia. It was born out of boredom with what is so often on offer in the online arena. Sick of international coverage – and so little about Australian events and people, sick of purchasing items made in China, but not quite knowing where to find and support Australian businesses, sick of not being able to have a platform to comment on issues, of only ever reading about international celebrities, of the assumption that every Australian wears a cork hat and has a kangaroo for a pet, Sandi Sieger created the exact kind of magazine she’d always wanted to read.

Onya Magazine does not discriminate between cities and states. Between topics and areas. It provokes, inspires and engages. It’s Australia – the real version.

On board? Good Onya.